Trade Accounts

Trade Accounts


Trade customers can benefit from discounts and special offers not available to guest customers.  We will also send out newsletters from time to time as well, so make sure you sign up to receive our Newsletter.

Benefits of being a Trade Customer

Register as a Trade Customer to access our trade area, and receive our standard discounts IN ADDITION to the 5% that is already incorporated into the Trade Prices. So, in real terms, Trade Customer discounts are much higher.  For example, if you ordered £500 of goods from the website as a Guest Customer, you would pay £485.00 (3% discount).  If you have registered as a Trade Customer, you would actually pay £460.75 - which in real terms is a discount of 7.85%.  

As you can see, it is well worth registering as a Trade Customer, especially as you only need to spend £150 to benefit from the discounted trade prices.   To be a Trade customer, you simply need to

* Create an account - Click to Create an Account

* Then, download and complete our application form so that we can give you access to the Trade area of the website.  To download an application form - Click Here

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