Sprinkletti - Frosty

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Sprinkletti is a Registered Trademark, this means that repacking and rebranding of this product is not permitted.  You can purchase the retail packs here, and they are also available through Doric Cake Craft.

18 x 100g retail pouches of Sprinkletti

Our new Sprinkletti range brings you medleys of our favourite sprinkles!

Ingredients: Icing Sugar (sugar, potato starch), Sugar, glucose, glucose powder, palm butter (100% RSPO certified), WHEAT starch, corn starch, maize starch, rice flour, glucose syrup, rapeseed oil (partly hydrogenated), unhydrogenated vegetable fat, whole MILK, water, thickener (tragacanth, gelatin powder), emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin), malt dexrin, isinglas, glazing agent (shellac, acacia gum, sugar), colour (E132, E133, E171, E174, inorganic aluminium colour)