We have a lot of requests from customers looking for products that are natural.  It is however clear that everyone seems to have a different definition of what Natural actually is!

Here, we have brought together all products that use only natural colourings and ingredients.  

We do recognise though, that whilst some ingredients are natural, some customers also want their sprinkles to not include animal products.  So we have also subdivided this category so that you can chose products suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans which are also natural.  

The final category in this section is for natural products that exclude E171.  E171 (Titanium Dioxide)  is used on some of our products to make them glimmer.  Whilst it is natural, and can be consumed by all religious groups, vegetarians and vegans, some customers prefer not to consume it, so we have included a section for Natural products that don't include this ingredient.


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