Carefully selected raw materials from officially certified producers enable Hatziyannakis to produce some of the finest quality products in Greece.  As their UK Distributer, we have access to their full catalogue , including a wide range of  bespoke products as well.  You can view their website here

Whilst we have a limited number of their products shown here, please feel free to enquire about any products of interest on their website.

Minimum order quantities range from 12kg to 60kg depending on the product.  Lead times are 6-8 weeks and delivery costs are around £250 - £350 per pallet depending on the time of year.  For smaller quantities, we will consolidate with our own orders and share delivery costs. 

Hatziyiannakis is BRC accredited.

Please note the products show as out of stock on the website because they are special order items.

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